2017 Virtual Conference

Killer Content: The Why and How of It

October 26, 2017   –   9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


Session 1

Approximate start time: 9 a.m.

Moving from Narcissism to Relevance in Healthcare Marketing

Dan Dunlop, president, Jennings

Healthcare marketing has historically been characterized by inwardly focused, one-way communication. As marketers, we often forget to make the communication relevant to the target audience, opting to boast about our organizations, their leading-edge technologies, world-class physicians and advanced services. We push content, and even treat social channels as opportunities for spewing information even though they are ideal for real two-way conversations. This old-school, narcissistic approach to marketing lacks relevance for consumers and is becoming antiquated as we enter the age of population health management and the new compensation models that accompany it. Now, more than ever, we need to engage consumers in their own health and healthcare; and we need to involve them actively in our marketing. They need to become participants in the marketing and participants in their care.

This change requires fundamental shift in perspective. What if we adopted a community building focus — one that leads to the development of marketing tools and online environments where relationships can be forged and thoughtful sharing of information can take place. Within these environments your messaging could flourish and healthcare consumers could deepen their engagement with your organization and its brand. This approach to healthcare marketing would potentially change everything you do —
including the way you approach social, digital and traditional media.


Session 2

Approximate start time: 10 a.m.         

Conquering Chronic Content Creation Syndrome: How to Overcome the Increasing Demands for Producing Content

Kirsten Lecky, director, sales and marketing, WriterGirl & Associates

Do you suffer from exhaustion and even nausea when you think of all the communication channels your department must supply with content? These are symptoms of Chronic Content Creation Syndrome, a condition reaching epidemic proportions among hospital marketers. With communication channels growing each year, the demands for producing content to feed each one can wear you out. This presentation will share WriterGirl’s treatment plan to help you manage CCCS and enjoy healthy content production.


Session 3

Approximate start time: 11 a.m.

One Content System to Rule Them All: What is a News Hub?

Daniel Small, director, digital strategy, Hartford HealthCare

Alysso Puzzo, Head of Content, Julia Balfour, LLC

Learn how to operationalize your content marketing. Many health systems create content, but few have figured out how to leverage it in a systematic way using technology and strategy. It’s hard work… For us, it involved building the tech tools to make this happen, creating the culture to share and cascade, and developing (and changing) roles and processes to make it a priority.