Who Should be Nominated


Evans Houghton Award criteria …
There are four general categories for which nominees can be considered for the Evans Houghton Award. While it is not a requirement for nominees to be “exemplary” in all areas, nominations are strengthened when evidence is presented that shows “above and beyond” performance in multiple categories.

  • Contributions (in scope and time) to NESHCo: This category examines the contributions that a nominee has made to the organization, either in a leadership role or as a participant in NESHCo.
  • Contributions, exemplary performance in health care PR, marketing and communications on local, state and/or national level: This category recognizes nominees who have made significant contributions to further the profession.
  • Accessibility, support to PR and marketing practitioners without thought of personal gain: This category examines how the nominee has given back to the profession in ways such as teaching and mentoring that are not part of her/his expected job responsibilities.
  • Initiative demonstrated that boldly challenge herself/himself and peers to excel and meet the highest standards of conduct, professionalism and performance: This category recognizes nominees who have pioneered new approaches to PR, marketing and communications or have contributed to ethical or procedural changes that have elevated the profession.

All nominations are reviewed by a panel of past Evans Houghton Award recipients and overseen by the NESHCo Board of Directors.