Code of Ethics and Standards


This Code was developed to provide members with guidelines of professional conduct and standards of ethical practice. Society members should conduct themselves professionally, with truth, accuracy and fairness and with accountability to the publics we serve. This Code is adapted from and in compliance with the North American Public Relations Council Uniform Code.

  1. A member shall conduct his or her professional life in accordance with the public’s best interest.
  2. Members shall deal in a fair and honest manner with the public, present and past employers and clients, employees and fellow practitioners.
  3. A member shall adhere to the highest standards of truth and accuracy. Members shall avoid extravagant claims and comparisons and shall give credit for ideas and words borrowed from others.
  4. A member shall not knowingly disseminate false or misleading information and shall act promptly to correct erroneous communications for which he or she is responsible.
  5. A member shall not profess to be unbiased and independent while serving an undisclosed cause.
  6. A member shall not guarantee the achievement of results beyond his or her direct control.
  7. A member shall not represent conflicting or competing interests without the express consent of those concerned, given after a full disclosure of the facts.
  8. A member shall not place himself or herself in a position where the member’s personal interest is or may be in conflict with an obligation to an employer, client or others without full disclosure of such interests to all involved.
  9. A member shall not accept fees, commissions, gifts or other consideration from anyone except clients or employers for whom services are performed without their express consent, given after full disclosure of the facts.
  10. A member shall scrupulously safeguard the confidences and privileged information entrusted to him or her in the course of performing his or her duties.
  11. A member shall never intentionally damage the professional reputation or practice of another member.
  12. A member shall sever relations with any organization or individual requiring conduct contrary to the articles in this code.

Educational Events Code of Ethics

The following philosophy regarding the expectations of attendees at educational conferences has been adopted in response to member requests with regard to the solicitation of peers at such events.

  1. Attendees at conferences, other than registered exhibitors, will refrain from soliciting conference peers.

These guidelines recognize that there exists a body of federal, state and local laws and regulations which govern the behavior and practice of all business enterprises. It should be noted that the Society’s Code in no way supersedes these laws of the land.

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